What's New

New updates and improvements to CraytaKit

Prize Fund Winners page

You can now view the prize fund winners for any given month over here

Sept 11th Changelog

  • Awards for games are now tracked, and visible on the game page

Sept 8th Changelog

  • Added u2g logo to u2g employees
  • Removed strikethrough styling on banned games
  • Added direct links to users/games in games tables
  • Removed current day from total visits graph on the home page, since it's always super low during the day

Tinify tool

You can now tinifiy images under the tools menu.

This performs the same functions as tinypng, but also reduces the size to 720p.


Leaderboards are synced with the games now. 

You can access them from any game page. If the game has leaderboards, there will be a link available for you to click.

Discord login

Login is now handled through discord oauth. If you'd previously made an account, signing in will create a new account. 

As a side effect, all of the asset kits had to be reset.
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