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New updates and improvements to CraytaKit

December 31 2022

  • Living City build jam has been added
  • Added search and tag filtering to packages
  • Improved searching across all pages


We're now tracking packages that win monthly contests and jams.

Starting with November's monthly content. Previous winners will be backfilled over the coming days.

June 27 2022

* Ignition member tracking is (kind of) automatic now
* Ignition earnings are now included in the user earnings report
* Jam winnings are now included in the user earnings report

June 22 2022

  • Syncing improvements
  • Fixed the broken sort on the games page when sorting by author

Server Mishap

There was a bit of a server mishap and we've lost about 6 months of data. :(

We also lost all the users, and by association, the uploaded assets. 

Swords and Sorcery initial update

  • Remixable games can now be seen under Games -> Remixable
  • Added CalendarEvents to the crayta api docs

API Search is live!

You should be able to search the crayta API documentation now, using the searchbar at the top of the page.

Syntax Highlighting!

Crayta API is now properly highlighting all lua syntax!

Crayta API Updates

  • Jumping from method name to example has been added to the math page
  • Jumping from method name to example has been added to the globals page

Thanks Mochi!

Crayta API

Crayta API is now available to browse.  This is open source, and can contributed to here: https://github.com/joshleblanc/crayta-docs

Searching is coming soon, so are more examples.


The rails page now more closely resembles a "Rail"

Backend update

I spent some time upgrading the backend these past couple days. You shouldn't notice a difference, so if you do, hit me up on discord.

October 12, 2021

Pushed up a number of fixes today

  • Some fonts were missing their "-Regular" postfix
  • Clicking on a game on the prize funds page wouldn't direct you to the game
  • Prize funds page had too many columns on mobile
  • The crayta game page appeared partially smooshed on mobile
  • The subnav is now scrollable on mobile, and doesn't wrap
  • Added an example for setting the font-family to the font tool

October 9th, 2021

Fixed a bug causing awards to show the wrong month, depending on the time zone you selected while signed in.

October 7th, 2021

  • Added a new "Fonts" tools. You can browse and copy css for crayta fonts here
  • Translation tool should now display translations in the same order as crayta
  • Total visits per day should hopefully be cached daily now
  • Daily visits calculation shouldn't drop at the start of each day anymore

Crayta Ignition Creators

Creators in the Crayta Ignition program are now indicated with a small flame beside their name.

You can also find these creators under the crayta users -> ignition page

September 20th 2021

Added a placeholder image for games without images, instead of the old "broken-image" icon appearing

Translation Tool

There is now a translation tool under tools -> translate. Inputting text in this tool will output the translations in the supports Crayta languages.


Timestamps feature

  • Added timestamp generator for discord. The date/time selector is in your local timezone if you're logged in, otherwise it's UTC.
  • Added locks beside games that are passed their 30th day in the top new games list

Game/user earnings

  • Game page now shows number of awards received
  • Game page now shows total money awarded
  • User page now shows total money awarded for all user's games
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