What's New

New updates and improvements to CraytaKit

Missing some daily plays

We're missing some daily plays between may 4th and 11th. There wasn't actually a tank in activity, a bug just prevented them from being tracked.

The graph should return to normal over the next week, since it's a rolling average.

Activity Logs

Games and users now show activity (updated/created games) on the right-hand side of the page.

Minor changes

  • Added a published at column to the games tables
  • Added a new games/day graph to the home page

Docs updated

The Crayta API docs have been updated for the Cursed Galleons update

Banned games

Due to some unsavory names popping up, any game that's been banned is no longer listed anywhere on the site.

I've also removed the banned subcategory for games.

March 15 2022

  • Game jams are now recorded. Click on the Jams link in the navbar to go to the latest jam results. Click on All Jams from there to see a history of past jams.
    • Currently only includes game jams
  • Added a list showing everything you're following to the profile page
  • Fixed links in the prize fund page pointing to the wrong games
  • Games with 0 visits are no longer included in the top by tables
  • Fixed spark contenders excluding games that were updated that month
  • Source game is now included on the game page, if the game was remixed from another game or blueprint

New Users by Day

There's a new graph on the home page - new users by day. 

This graph has the Y axis maxed at 100, to better visualize the data, but do hover any of the bars - some of them exceed 1000.

Please note that this is only players who have created a game or placed top 10 in a leaderboard - it's not every player that launches the game.

Games table improvements

  • Table rows now indicate if a game has won an award, and how many
  • There's now a "new games" table
  • Replaced the "top new games" table with "Spark Contenders" - any game released or updated in a given month


You can now follow users and games through CraytaKit

Simply go to the game or user that you wish to follow, and press the "Follow" button. By default, CraytaKit will notify you on the website, and try to send you a PM through discord. 

The discord PM will only succeed if you share a server with the CraytaKit bot. 

You can click the gear icon after following something to change your notification settings for that game or user. Notably, you can opt it to receiving emails.

There are 2 notification types:

1. A new game is created - when a user you follow publishes a new game, you will get a notification.
2. A game is updated - When a user you follow updates any of their games, or if a specific game you follow is updated, you will receive a notifcation.

Game notification settings take precedence over user notifications. If you follow a user and opt in to emails, and then additionally follow one of their games and opt out of emails, you will not receive emails about that specific game.

In addition, there is now a "Feed" on the home page when signed in. This displays your most recent followed activity.

January 7th

  • The Top By Day/Week/Month tables on the crayta games dashboard are now far more performant
  • Top New games page was erroneously excluding some creators - this has been fixed. (Sorry Karolina)

December 23 2021

  • If a game has been remixed, the remixes are now visible on that game's page
  • When creating a package guide, version 1 will now automatically be created

December 21 2021



  • Fixed syntax highlighting in crayta docs
  • Fixed docs not rendering properly
  • Include creator in package list
  • Properly handle top_new for january
  • Removed empty rail from rails page
  • Package deleting didn't work
  • Updating a package would delete the package
  • Added missing subnav on tools -> fonts page


  • Added blueprints under games
  • Show all games created from a blueprint on the blueprint page

December 13 2021

  • New "Packages" feature to index community made packages, their readmes, and their changelogs
  • Added a 7 day rolling average graph to the home page stats
  • Made changes to the top by x tables on the games page - didn't seem to speed them up, will keep looking at this
  • Prize fund page will now default to the latest month that has awards, so you won't be met with an empty page sometimes
  • Empty award categories are now omitted from the prize fund page

Note: You should be able to paste the contents of a package forum post directly into craytakit, and everything will retain its formatting. You should do this in view mode, not edit mode.

Swords and Sorcery initial update

  • Remixable games can now be seen under Games -> Remixable
  • Added CalendarEvents to the crayta api docs

API Search is live!

You should be able to search the crayta API documentation now, using the searchbar at the top of the page.

Syntax Highlighting!

Crayta API is now properly highlighting all lua syntax!

Crayta API Updates

  • Jumping from method name to example has been added to the math page
  • Jumping from method name to example has been added to the globals page

Thanks Mochi!

Crayta API

Crayta API is now available to browse.  This is open source, and can contributed to here: https://github.com/joshleblanc/crayta-docs

Searching is coming soon, so are more examples.


The rails page now more closely resembles a "Rail"

Backend update

I spent some time upgrading the backend these past couple days. You shouldn't notice a difference, so if you do, hit me up on discord.
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