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This package allows you to specify a list of games and/or worlds that players will be sent to when they’re all ready to go.

  • Specify max number of players
  • Next map voting
  • Either join on login, or join via interact in the world
  • World preview widget to show queue status
  • Ability to hide matchmaking widget once joined
  • Mouse and controller support for navigation
  • Supports many matchmaking queues in the same world. Players can join as they please (Can only be in one at a time)
  • Customizable accent color
  • Customizable music

Add the Matchmaking Controller to the world.
Add the User Matchmaking script folder to the user.
Add the Confirmation Dialog template to the user
By default, joinOnLogin is enabled. In this case, the user will immediately join this matchmaking queue, and see the widget. If they choose to leave the queue, they will leave the game entirely.
If you disable joinOnLogin, you can join the queue by interacting with any object that calls matchmakingScript#Join, like this:
You can display the state of the matchmaking queue in the world by adding the Matchmaking Preview locator to the world, and setting the matchmakingController property to the controller you want to preview.
To add games to the matchmaking system, add the MatchmakingEntryScript as a direct descendent of the Matchmaking Controller, like so:

Entries can be games or worlds.
The system will randomly select 3 games when initialized, which players can vote to move on to when everyone is ready.
Screen widget:

World widget preview:


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